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Our surfboards and stand up boards are built using the most hi-tech, best strength to weight ratio composite construction there is. It’s called “sandwich construction.” Sandwich construction is where a thin layer (3mm or 1/8”) of high density PVC foam is attached to the core of the board with a layer of fiberglass or carbon between the two. Then another layer of fiberglass or carbon is laminated on the outside of that thin layer of PVC high density foam. That is a sandwich.   Without that layer of fiberglass or carbon between the foam core of the board and the high density PVC foam on the outside of that core, it is not a sandwich and it is not nearly as strong, stiff or impact resistant as are genuine sandwich construction. The sandwich is done on the top and the bottom of all of my boards. This sandwich construction is one of the reasons (besides the always world leading shapes) that our boards have the reputation as the best boards and best boards made on the market today.

All of the fin boxes and other attaching points such as leash plugs and handle inserts are reinforced with high density PVC foam for super strength and break resistance.

The Kinetic factory that makes our boards is constantly testing and researching the best materials to use in the construction of our boards as well as coming up with improved construction techniques that, in the end, produce lighter and stronger boards that last!!!

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