Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why is there water bubbling by the vent screw? Do I need to replace it?


The vent screws on the boards are what we call a one way valve.  Air can go out of the board but water can’t go in.  These vent screws have a Gore membrane which is why this is possible.  When the board gets warmer than the air outside, the air inside the board expands and needs to come out somewhere.  Hence, the valve.  If there is water pooled around the vent screw you will see bubbles.  That is just air being expelled from the board but no water is going in and you do not need to adjust or replace the vent screw.

Q: My fin seems to not fit in the fin box?

The fins generally fit tight in the fin box which is how they should fit.  When someone isn’t used to having them fit this tightly they assume that they need to be sanded down so they will fit.  This is not necessary and usually will make the fin too loose and perhaps come out, if it’s one of the Future base fins.  Please check the video on the site to see what to do.

Q: My paddle hit the rail of my board with some force and now it looks like some paint came off, do I need to fix this?

Occasionally the paddle might chip the rails of the board if you hit it with enough force.  If this happens or anytime you think there might be a “ding” in the board, to test to see if it needs some kind of repair, you put your mouth over that place and suck on it.  If you can feel air or water coming out of the suspect place, then it would need to be repaired.  If you don’t feel air coming out, it’s OK and it’s only cosmetic.  If its a chip in the paint and you did want to make it look better you can go to to find custom, high quality and easy to use touch up paints that are matched to our board color codes.

Q: How do I attach a GoPro to my SUP?


All of our SUP (except for inflatables) boards come with a FCS go pro insert in the nose.  To mount your go pro on the board you will need the FCS go pro mount (plug) that fits into this insert and allows you to mount your GoPro on the board.


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