Meet Cody Ball, a Maui born waterman, athlete and adventurer who recently challenged himself to paddle inter island from Maui to Lanai and back, ALONE!  No escort boat or jet ski, no EPIRB, no marine radio.  Cody’s board for the trip was the 14’x27″ U-boat.

Cody paddled from Launiupoko beach park on Maui to Manele Bay on Lanai, camped for the night, then paddled back to Launiupoko early the next morning.  In a straight line that’s a distance of 17.2 miles one way but with that much water, wind and current, as well as paddling around the southern tip of Lanai to get into Manele Bay he probably tacked on quite a bit of extra distance to that line.

Read Cody’s very inspiring story about his journey here on SUPCONNECT.COM.  He talks about his prep, equipment, challenges he encountered and the reasons he wanted to tackle this journey alone.  Congratulations Cody!!

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