Cruise Ship


The Cruise Ship was created for maximum fun and performance. Designed to take the best attributes of a race board and make it so anyone can enjoy performance and glide in an incredibly stable platform, making it the perfect board for everyone from first time paddlers, to elite athletes looking for a comfortable, easy ride that still glides like a performance displacement hull. The square tail offers stability, while the rounded rails forward balance the board in a strong cross wind. The soft V entry allows the Cruise Ship to power through the chop and causes the board to glide effortlessly through a variety of conditions. The deck is slightly recessed in the standing/paddling position for increased stability and its subtly sloped from front to back allowing the water to drain effortlessly off the back of the transom. The name says it all. This board makes paddle boarding easy and fun.


  • 11’6″x29″x5.75″ (210L)
  • 12’6″x29″x5.9″ (235L) 14’x29.5″x6.6″ (300L)


  • White/Blue
  • White/Red
  • White/Silver
  • Blue/White

Board Construction:

  • JL Classic construction
  • JL Carbon construction

Inquire about color options: [email protected]

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11'6", 12'6", 14'


JL Classic construction, JL Carbon construction

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