Twisted V


Downwind Mastery

To be able to catch a glide while doing a downwind run, the board needs to be quick.  With the low drag, speed shape of this board you get moving effortlessly into glides.  The unique Twisted V tail shape allows the tail to knife effortlessly into the water when the board is pumped as well as squirts it forward with its shape.  Often overlooked and not taken into consideration are the occasional touch downs that happen.  The “seaplane” bottom shape that contributes to the acceleration of the board for catching the glide also has zero resistance on touch downs and re-directs the board off of the water and back up onto the foil.

Twisted V Dimensions

  • 7’10” x 20.0” x 6.0” 113.6 L
  • 7’10” x 22.0” x 6.0” x 125 L
  • 8’2” x 21.0” x 6.0” x 124.3 L
  • 8’2” x 23.0” x 6.0” x 136.1 L
  • 8’6” x 22” x 6.0” x 135.5 L
  • 8’6” x 24” x 6.0” x 147.8 L

Inquire about color options: [email protected]

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7'10'' x 20", 7'10'' x 22", 8'2'' x 21", 8'2'' x 23", 8'6'' x 22", 8'6'' x 24"


JL Classic Construction, JL Carbon Construction

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